CLRNN Event Registration


New Projects Open Meeting


We are hosting an open symposium to discuss what the next CLRN Network project should be. 


WhenMonday 21st September 2020 between 4-5:30pm;

Where: Via Zoom Conferencing;



As with our previous open meeting (back in June, 2017) we welcome and will consider all ideas for criminal law reform: we encourage you to submit your proposals in writing (to and/or to speak for 5-10 mins at the open meeting to provide an outline to the group (again, please let us know in advance if you would like to make a suggestion on the day). After the meeting the CLRNN Committee will select one project to take forward. In making this selection, we consider a number of factors including (1) Is there a clear and present problem to be addressed? (2) Can the problem be addressed through legal means, and within the time period of a typical project (i.e., 1-2 years)? (3) Will we be able to form a sufficient team of experts for the project? (4) Do we believe that our proposals are likely to be useful to our target reform institutions; are they likely to be receptive? For more information on the process of a CLRNN project, see here