Professor Liz Campbell

Professor Liz Campbell
University of Durham


Prof Liz Campbell is a Professor of Criminal Law at Durham Law School and convenor of the Centre for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice. She is also the School’s Director of Research Funding, and a member of the AHRC Peer Review College. For more information, see Liz’s staff profile at the University of Durham.



Liz’s research looks at how and in what ways the criminal law and criminal process responds to politicised social problems. She is interested in how legal definitions are constructed, and how the politics of definitions determines and affects legal measures. She uses this lens to explore laws on organised crime, white collar crime and corruption, the presumption of innocence, and the trial process more broadly. Her work is socio-legal in considering the law in context, and often involves a comparative dimension. There is an empirical element to some of her work, such as the project on “Corporate Vehicles – Understanding the use of ‘Licit’ Corporate Entities by Transnational Organised Crime Groups in the Concealment, Conversion and Control of Illicit Finance”.

 Liz publishes widely in leading international and domestic journals. Her publications include a research monograph on Organised Crime and the Law (Hart, 2013), a jointly written book on The Collection and Retention of DNA from Suspects in New Zealand with Nessa Lynch (Victoria University Press, 2015) and a textbook on Criminal Law in Ireland (Clarus, 2010).